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2 minute read   |  Author: Paula Smallcombe

Autumn greenhouse jobs to do now

Get ready for winter with these autumn greenhouse jobs. Make sure yours is ready for cold weather, and that you are making the most of its precious space.

The first of the autumn greenhouse jobs, once plants inside have finished cropping, is to clear them away. Put the last green tomatoes in a bowl with a banana to ripen, pick the last peppers and put the old plants on the compost heap. Have a clear-out of old plant labels, module trays that have cracked, empty seed packets etc. Remove any shading that went up during sunnier months.

Removing old foliage and spent plants reduces the risk mould that plants are susceptible to in cool, wet conditions. When the greenhouse is empty, wash benching and glass with a disinfectant to further reduce the risk. Cleaning the glass of dirt and green algae maximises the light that can get in during the gloomy months ahead. Check moving parts – hinges, vents and lever arms – and repair any broken panes of glass or damaged seals.

One of the most essential autumn greenhouse jobs is to check that your heater, if you have one, and its thermostat are working properly. To give tender plants the best chance of surviving winter, the temperature inside the greenhouse ideally needs to be at least 7-10°C, and in the UK, that means heating.

Keep bills to a minimum by insulating the greenhouse with bubblewrap. In larger greenhouses, think about using a bubblewrap screen to portion off the smallest possible area where heat is required, rather than needlessly heating the whole thing.

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