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1 minute read   |  Author: Paula Smallcombe

Autumn is a beautiful season in the garden, with many perennials, shrubs and trees providing some stunning colour. But once the leaves have fallen, they will need clearing up, especially from lawns, where they will smother the grass, and from paths and patios, where they may become slippery. It is also a good idea to remove leaves from gravel, otherwise it will become messy.

Be sure to make use of the leaves you collect. You can compost some of them, sweep them under hedges for wildlife, or create leaf mould, which makes a wonderful soil improver.

Step 1
Use a lightweight pair of grabbers with long handles to collect a large amount of leaves at one time.

Step 2
Choose a relatively gentle, flat-tined rake for sweeping leaves off the lawn and gravel areas of the garden, daily.

Step 3
A leaf blower – particularly one that also collects, and shreds leaves – can be very useful, especially on areas that are hard to sweep or rake. Choose an electric one that can be switched from blowing to sucking. Blow the leaves under hedges, where they will provide shelter for wildlife.

Step 4
Leaves have a habit of jumping out of wheelbarrows when they are on the move, so load them into a couple of large bags. These are lightweight and easy to lift when full of leaves.

Step 5
A rotary lawn mower is a useful tool. Simply sweep up as many leaves as you can into the middle of the lawn and mow over them. This chops them up and, together with the added grass cuttings, helps to accelerate the composting process in your bin or heap.

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