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2 minute read   |  Author: Paula Smallcombe

Autumn evokes different feelings for different people; for some, it is the sadness that comes at the end of summer, for others, it is a chance to wind down as winter approaches. For gardeners, however, it is not a time to stop working – autumn is the perfect time to garden!

Though summer may seem like a more pleasant time to be getting green fingered, the months leading up to winter are extremely important for our garden. As the weather is cooler and root systems can develop, now is the perfect time to plant and plan for next year. It is essential that we focus on removing the old (including deadheading summer plants to prolong them) and improving soil to prepare for the new.

Considering the many spring-flowering bulbs, trees and shrubs, and winter vegetables that can be planted in autumn, this is a very important season for gardeners who want to plan for the new year!

Soil is moist and warm, but not yet soggy, and gives plants more time to grow new roots and be less vulnerable to dry periods in summer. Evergreens particularly establish well in autumn without the difficult fluctuations of spring weather and, when planted in spring, they usually need significant watering.

The benefits of gardening in autumn also extend to the environmental impact. Planting evergreens, trees, and many varieties of perennials over autumn usually means using less water, due to cooler climates and higher levels of rain. Plus, fallen leaves collected from the garden make a great soil improver for next year’s plants when added to the compost heap, rather than heading for landfill in your council bin!

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