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2 minute read   |  Author: Paula Smallcombe

Garden centres and nurseries are brimming with colourful plants that can light up your pots for autumn, winter and maybe into next spring. The choice may be greater than you think. Here are the best plants for your pots this autumn.

  1. Chrysanthemum
    Chrysanthemums bridge that gap between late summer, when many annuals have started to look straggly, and autumn, when berried fruits and autumn leaves change the colour palette of the garden.Put them somewhere sheltered where they won’t get too wet.
  1. Cyclamen
    The hardy autumn-flowering type, Cyclamen hederifolium, will brighten up any pot, in shades from white to pink and red, adding pops of colour to other autumn evergreens including heucheras. These hardy cyclamens should persist into winter.
  1. Violas
    They are a favourite with gardeners, as they come in a huge variety of colours.
  1. Heuchera
    Perfect for a lightly shaded corner, the value of these evergreen perennials is largely in their foliage, which is stunning, from acid greens to chocolate hues.They also make great standalone specimens and the spikes of tiny flowers they throw up in summer are a magnet for bees. In warmer parts of the country their leaves will remain all year, while in colder spots, they will die back and need tidying up in spring.
  1. Heather (Calluna vulgaris)
    Bud-blooming heathers, as Calluna vulgaris is known, provide height and feathery structure to any autumn pot, and will last a long time. You can get pink and white varieties that are widely available, along with trailing versions.
  1. Skimmia japonica
    These impressive evergreen shrubs often form the centrepiece or backbone of autumn and winter container displays, with their deep green evergreen leaves and shiny red berries.
  1. Autumn-flowering crocus
    Popular autumn-flowering crocuses include Crocus speciosus, a large-flowered scented species. Plant them in your pots now, under other plants, and they should be flowering by October.

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